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Posted by Boris Pettersson on March 24, 2018 at 4:10 PM

Greetings, everyone!

Due to unfortunate recent events that have undergone for the past two months, Project Dreams has been delayed yet again for the third time. This time the delay started Wednesday January 31st all the way towards today, Saturday March 24th. Now I shall explain the reasons for these delays in a few sentences further. I'm sure my enemies would distastefully enjoy reading through the contents of this blog. And what I mean by enemies, I mean individuals who either worked with me or simply a competition studio that I have crossed paths with in the past. Individuals whom do everything possible to stay ahead in the industry. Unfortunately, that is the world in which we live in. However, that part of the world is something I do not make room to think about which has helped me not only to push Cup of Tea Games forward, but as a man.

During my time at Cup of Tea Games, I also attend an intensive trimestral college working on my Computer Science Bachelors. At the moment I'm writing this, I have exactly 7 months left of it before finishing. Which pains me to say that in some occasions it is the reason that the projects get delayed days at a time. At the same time, I recruit individuals who are passionate and driven enough through IndieDB which I am forever grateful for since without it Cup of Tea Games would have never been. However another big reason delays occur is due to staffing issues. Although many of the recruited individuals are talented and passionate, complications tend to occur along the way that could lead to delays in scheduled tasks, dissolvement of communications or absence. Of course these issues are rarely encountered in full end paid studios and that is the consequence when trying to build one of your own from the ground up.

Again, staffing is a priority in order to get things needed done so that games can be created in the first place. That is our way. At the moment the priority is the reworking of Cup of Tea Games's staffing in order to continue with the project. I shall be posting new ads in IndieDB and for those who are reading this and would like to reach us regarding the recruitment you can always do so by pressing the "Contact Us button on the page below. We read every single email so don't be discouraged!

Further updates are yet to come!

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