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About this game

Platform : PC 64 bit                         Engine : Unity  2018.1                           Time Started : 4/1/2017                    Release : 7/10/2018

Broken Dreams : First Light is an action/horror game that takes you to the horrors of what is like to have a lucid nightmare that tries everything it can to bring your demise. Play cautiously and don't attract attention, taking your time to solve puzzles and progress your way to the end of it all. Or simply arm yourself and fight your out, taking on the dangerous and mysterious monsters that lurk every corner.

This game has been in development since 2017 and remains in beta test stage for now. Our big thanks goes to all of the friends and contributors that have participated and contributed to Project Dream in their ideas, feedback, and asset assistance. Their accreditation is available in the Credits menu of the game.

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Developers (Release / Beta Version)


Boris Pettersson          Handled all Programming, Animation, Gameplay Design, Directing, Writing

David Martinez             Created all 3D Models, Menu Art, GUI Art, Designed Levels and Graphics Configuration

Chris Heron                     Created SFX Assets, Sound Design, Music, Composition

Alex Rude                         Created Concept Art, Level Art, Character Art, Draft Art