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Contact Cup of Tea Games

Wish to contact us? Whether you'd like to conduct a business inquiry, have questions over our recruitment policies, or you're simply a fellow developer wishing to join in project collaborations, we'll read them regardless! Feel free to send us an e-mail and we shall read it as soon as possible, replies are almost guaranteed!

Or you can contact us directly

Boris Pettersson
San Juan, Puerto Rico
CEO  & Lead Director

Kitsunami Lupo
United Kingdom
PR Manager & Writer


NOTICE : All letters that are received are eventually read within the first 10 business days within submission, This does not guarantee that anyone who submits a letter of inquiry shall get a response. Spam, or any letter conducted that does not have to do with related inquiries or Cup of Tea Games in general shall not be taken to account and will not receive a reply. If you wish to reach a specific person without the intention of any inquiry among the Independent Development Group known as Cup of Tea Games, please contact them via social links provided in the Team Page. As always, Thank you for choosing to contact us regardless.